Bands & Live Music at The Admiral's Cup

Live Music 6 Nights per Week:

Tues-Sat: 9:30pm-1:30am
Friday Happy Hour Show: 5pm-8pm
Saturday Happy Hour Show: 5pm-8pm
Sundays: 7pm-11pm



Tuesday, 30-Sep: Todd Miller Band



Wed., 1-Oct: Rd & Nach
Thu, 2-Oct: Whiskey Tanog Foxtrot
Fri, 3-Oct: Tony & Gavin Conflict from 5pm-8pm
Fri, 3-Oct: The JuneWays from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sat, 4-Oct: Charlie Bezilla from 5pm-8pm
Sat, 4-Oct: Patrick Alban & Nche Latina from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sun, 5-Oct: The Radio Dials

Tue, 7-Oct: The Todd Miller Band
Wed, 8-Oct: Mark Hopkins Duo
Thu, 9-Oct: Willies Light
Fri, 10-Oct: Gerge Dunn from 5pm-8pm
Fri, 10-Oct: Nelly's Echo from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sat, 11-Oct: Greg Lupton from 5pm-8pm
Sat, 11-Oct: Will Hill Band from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sun, 12-Oct: Peter James

Tue, 14-Oct: The Todd Miller Band
Wed, 15-Oct: Rich Presburry Duo
Thu, 16-Oct: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
Fri, 17-Oct: Tony Waddy from 5pm-8pm
Fri, 17-Oct: Sean K Preston & The Loaded Pistols from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sat, 18-Oct: Gavin Elder from 5pm-8pm
Sat, 18-Oct: Ruben Montya Band from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sun, 19-Oct: The Radio Dials

Tue, 21-Oct: The Todd Miller Band
Wed, 22-Oct: Civil Soul
Thu, 23-Oct: Qi Lo
Fri, 24-Oct: George Dunn from 5pm-8pm
Fri, 24-Oct: Speakers of House from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sat, 25-Oct: George Dunn from 5pm-8pm
Sat, 25-Oct: No Land Band from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am
Sun, 26-Oct: The Radio Dials

Tue, 28-Oct: The Todd Miller Band
Wed, 29-Oct: Sean K Preston
Thu, 30-Oct: Tim & The Animal
Fri, 31-Oct: Halloween: Gavin Elder from 5pm-8pm
Fri, 31-Oct: Skies in Chaos from 9:30pm 'til 1:30am